The following books are arranged in Tee's recommended reading order. Starting with the Miles High Club series and finishing with her debut series, the Stanton series. 

If you would prefer to read in the oldest to newest order please see the available download options.

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The Miles High Club

Four billionaire brothers that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love.

The Stopover


The Takeover
Book 2

The Casanova
Book 3

The Do-Over
Book 4

Miles Ever After
Book 5

The Mr. Series

A bad boy trio to break your heart and put it back together again.

Mr. Masters
Book 1

Mr. Spencer
Book 2

Mr. Garcia
Book 3

Kingston Lane

Enter a world of luxury, lust and love.

My Temptation
Book 1

My Rules
Book 2 - Coming 2024

Standalone Books

Our Way

Play Along

The Bonus
Coming 2024

The Italian Series

A mafia family torn between love and duty.

The Italian

Book 1


Book 2 

The Stanton Series

Stanton Adore

Book 1

Stanton Unconditional

Book 2 

Stanton Completely

Book 3

Stanton Bliss

Book 4

Marx Girl

Set 5 years later

Gym Junkie

Set 7 years later

Dr Stanton

Set 10 years later

Dr Stantons: The Epilogue

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