RARE Melbourne 2023!

At the end of last month, Swan HQ (Kellie, Lauren & Alina) alongside our wonderful wordsmith, Tee, made our way down to Melbourne for the Romance Authors & Readers Event!

It was an absolutely amazing weekend, and we all had so much fun meeting some of Tee’s beautiful readers, fellow romance book lovers and authors alike.

The weekend kicked off with the Friday night Meet & Greet. Tee took Lauren and Alina with her for an exciting night of mingling with readers and other attending authors. It was such a great way to chat with everyone over a few Mojitos!

Saturday was our big book signing day, and with help from the RARE team we were lucky enough to be able to set up a ticket system for readers wanting to meet Tee. This meant that we could ease the wait times in the line and readers could fit more authors in throughout the day.

It was so incredible to hug and chat with so many readers from all over – we couldn’t believe how many people had travelled all the way to Australia from so many places overseas.

Despite our Miles High Series not arriving in time (silly customs had detained the boxes!), it was such a relief that all of our readers were so understanding of the situation. If you were one of the reader’s whose preorder was affected by this- thank you so much for your kindness and patience! Once the books were (finally) released from customs we had them shipped back to our office so we could send them out – we have now finished sending out the books!

It was also amazing to see all of the wonderfully creative bookish clothing and swag – see the pictures below for some of our favourites!

Sunday was a little shorter as it was only half a day of signing, but it was definitely just as fun!

It was also so incredible to see so many SS Cygnets at the event! For those that don’t know Tee runs an author mentorship group. If you are interested in writing you can find it HERE on facebook.

Pictured below are some of the attending Cygnet girls we managed to round up for a photo amidst the packing up chaos on Sunday afternoon.

RARE Melbourne was the first book event Alina and Lauren had ever attended and they were both blown away by how welcoming and kind the romance reader community was.

Thank you to each and every person who attended Rare Melbourne 2023! It is truly the readers and their passion for books that makes these events so special!

Tee (and the rest of the team) can’t wait for the next signing, bring on RARE London 2023! We hope to see you there!

To view the RARE Melbourne event gallery, click HERE

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