Stanton Series Box Set – (German Edition)


The complete Stanton Series in one big Box Set.
From bestselling author T L Swan, comes a thrilling, forbidden, and romantic ride.

He was the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky.
Joshua Stanton, the very air that I breathed.

We fell in love when we were just seventeen.
And if I had my time again, we would have lived happily ever after.
But things didn’t go to plan, he took a job on the other side of the world, and we parted ways.

Seven years later he has returned, but not as the sweet boy I once knew.
He’s hard, an app developer millionaire, cold and ruthless, and he hates me for breaking his heart all those years ago.

And I’ll never admit it, but it’s still there between us.
The butterflies, the longing stares, and all the goosebumps.

I just have to get through this wedding tonight without going there.
I cannot be left alone with him, not even for a minute.
Because I know.
My very heart depends on it.

Editor’s note, this is a completed Contemporary Romance series.
Box set includes – Four full length books.
Stanton Adore, Stanton Unconditional, Stanton Completely and Stanton Bliss.