Mr Garcia – Bookstore Edition



From Wall Street Journal, BookTok, and #1 Amazon bestselling author T L Swan comes the new edition of the fiery third installment of her fan-favorite Mr. Series.

Sebastian Garcia was gorgeous, older and guarded.
April knew he was trouble from the moment they locked eyes.

They met at work, on her first day as a barista.
He smiled, she melted …. then he tasted her coffee and threw it away.

Again, the next day, and the next.
He hated the coffee, yet still came back.
She knew his game.

He called her coffee death in a cup.
She called him God’s gift to women.
She wasn’t lying.

Then they ran into each other outside of the coffee house,
and that’s when things got interesting.

No longer suave and sweet with impeccable manners.
Mr Garcia had a darker side, his appetite thick and heavy.
He set her on fire.

Unable to help it, they fell hopelessly in love.
The highest of highs.

But his demons are dark, as are hers.

They don’t know if they can make it. She has two choices.
Walk away now to save herself.
Or try to hold on and let love be the light.

She chooses option two.