Our London RARE Wrap Up is Here!

ExCeL London recently witnessed a Romance book lovers event like no other—the RARE London
author signing event!

Imagine a myriad of tables adorned with vibrant banners, table runners and stunning books, each one unveiling a new romance universe ready to be explored. Amid this bookish wonderland, Tee and other romance authors were able to chat with each other and meet the readers that make it all possible for them.

The hall was full of excited chatter, pages being lovingly flipped, and thousands of photos being taken.
Attendees revelled in the opportunity to meet their favourite authors face to face and get their
beloved books signed. But the magic didn’t stop there—impromptu book discussions erupted all
around us, with enthusiastic readers passionately debating their most cherished plot twists.
Friendships blossomed as our amazing readers bonded over their shared love of romance novels
and connections were forged that might just lead to the next great collaborative masterpiece.

RARE London wasn’t just an author signing event; it was a hub of creativity, community, and shared
enthusiasm for the boundless world of Romance.

Tee was able to meet some of her amazingly loyal readers, including our Swan Squad infamous
Patricia UK, as well as new and excited readers to her. She received some beautiful and thoughtful
gifts that now adorn our office and will also help decorate our Christmas tree when the time comes.

Whilst it was such an incredible day, it was also a very BUSY day! We want to thank everyone for their patience towards the end of the event as time began to run out. We had a lot of pre-orders to get through! We appreciated everyone’s kindness and understanding throughout the whirlwind! It was just more proof that Tee has the best readers in the world!

Tee and all of us at Swan HQ just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for coming and
supporting all romance authors and also to the RARE Team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to
make events like this possible for us all.

You can check out all the photos from the event in our event gallery HERE.