Upcoming Releases:

The Bonus:

When will The Bonus be available in bookstores?

USA and Canada: August 13th

Australia and New Zealand: August 14th

UK and Ireland: August 15th

Which edition of The Bonus has the extra chapters?

The paperback of The Bonus (with the beautiful bright pink cover) has two exclusive extra chapters! These extra chapters are exclusive to the publisher of The Bonus, so unfortunately you won’t be able to find them in any other format or edition. I’m still trying to find a way to get these chapters published somewhere else after release, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I get an update on this.

But in VERY exciting news I’m thrilled to finally be able to reveal that I have a treat in store for my e-book readers…

The e-book version of The Bonus will include an exclusive bonus chapter written from Gabriel’s perspective. This scene will be included whether you read in KU or purchase the e-book.

Will the male model covers / “Man Covers” paperbacks be taken down?

Yes and No. If you want the male model paperback covers for the Mr Series they will only be available on Amazon until mid-June 2024. However, there will always be signed copies of the Man Covers available on my website and we hope to bring them along to signings!

Will future books have a Man Cover?

Absolutely! Every book will have a man cover paperback available through my website, but at this stage those covers will not be available in bookstores.

Will current and future e-books be in Kindle Unlimited?

Yes! I know how important kindle unlimited is to readers and I want my books to be as accessible as possible.

Will the e-book covers be changed to match the print covers?

At this stage, no. Newly designed covers of existing books will be exclusive to paperback only, and we expect future books to follow that plan as well.

My Rules (Kingston Lane Book #2):

When is My Rules coming out?

No release date has been set as of yet, as soon as this changes we will let everyone know!

Future Book Plans:

Will there be books about the Miles brother’s children?

I would LOVE to write about the next generation of the Miles family but it won’t be for a long while! At the moment they are still kids in my head and I only like to write about men, hopefully their stories will come to me sometime in the future when they feel like they are older!

Where is Find Me Alastar, why can’t I find it?

Find Me Alastar is not currently available to read on any platform. Tee is currently rewriting Find Me Alastar as it holds such a special place in her heart and she wants it to her best writing. We hope that she will be able to re-release this book and the sequel when they are ready.

Swan Squad Newsletter:

How do I sign up to the Swan Squad Newsletter?

You can sign up to our newsletter HERE!

I’ve signed up to the newsletter but I’m not receiving any emails, where are they?

Firstly, please double-check your junk/spam mail. We also suggest doing a search of your entire inbox by searching the terms ‘ T L Swan’ or ‘Swan Squad’. If you can’t find any emails, please try signing up again HERE! If you are still not receiving our emails, please contact our support team at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com so we can help fix any issues.


Will there be an audiobook for Miles Ever After?

Unfortunately, at this stage, no. I cannot see the book narrated by the same voice actor for each brother and when audiobooks are very expensive to make and it’s such a small epilogue, it is just not currently feasible to hire four different men and women to voice each epilogue.

Online Store Orders:

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Swan HQ is located in Australia but we ship all over the world! Unfortunately though, that does mean that shipping costs can be high if you are located far away and your order is big/heavy.

Can T L Swan sign the books I order?

All books ordered through our website come already hand signed by Tee!

Do you offer personalisation on signed books?

Absolutely! Please just specify who you would like the order personalised too in the ‘ORDER NOTES’ section during checkout or get in touch via tlswanmanagement@gmail.com.

My order arrived with a wrong/missing item, what do I do?

Email our support team at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com. We’ll be sure to do everything we can to make it right!

My order arrived damaged, can I return or exchange it?

Australia Post has informed us that any items/packaging that have been damaged, need to be assessed at your local post office. They will be able to determine the next steps. Please ensure you do this if your item/s arrives damaged and then contact us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com with any further questions or concerns.

Unfortunately, once our items have left Swan HQ, we cannot guarantee how they will be treated during transit. We have taken steps to ensure that our packaging is done with the utmost care and hope that every book arrives to you as it left the office.

Please see below Australia Post’s response in regards to damages and compensation:

“To allow us to investigate a damaged item, the article and any packaging must be presented at an Australia Post (or your international postal service) outlet as soon as possible for inspection. A green Customer Service Complaint Form (PM26) will be completed, and the Postal Manager will assess the article, making any recommendations for consideration of compensation. We will need to keep both the packaging and the contents of your parcel at the post office for the duration of the investigation. Please note that our LPO outlets are unable to complete the damage form. See more information here.

I need to make a change to my order, what do I do?

Email our support team at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com and we can fix up your order. If we haven’t sent the order yet, we can swap over the items, or if we have sent the items already, we can organise an exchange with you.

I want to cancel my order, do you offer refunds?

Of course. Email us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com and we will organise a refund for you if the item hasn’t been sent yet. If the item has already been sent, we will need you to return it to us at your cost and we will the issue a refund once we’ve received the returned items.

Please contact our support team at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com for any other questions you may have.