Upcoming Releases

The Bonus is next! I’m also hoping to work on Valentino, Mr Prescott, Save Me Alastar and Anastas as my next projects.
My Temptation is the first book in a new Montlake series called Kingston Lane!
I am currently rewriting this book as it holds such a special place in my heart and I want it to my best writing. I also plan to write Save Me Alastar in the near future and will hopefully be able to release them together.
I would LOVE to write about the next generation of the Miles family but it won't be for a long while! At the moment they are still just kids in my head and I only like to write about men haha, hopefully sometime in the future when they feel like they've reached their mid 30's to me!

Audiobooks & Translations

Unfortunately, at this stage, no. I cannot see the book narrated by the same voice actor for each brother and when audiobooks are very expensive to make and it’s such a small epilogue, it is just not currently feasible to hire four different men and women to voice each epilogue. I’m sorry to my audiobook readers but I promise some really exciting things are coming up for you soon! Just wait until you hear our voice for The Italian!!
They are in the works! We have cast our Joshua and Natasha, it's now just a matter of lining up everyone's schedules amongst all the books, signings and other commitments - but they are planned for this year! Get excited!
Yes! The Italian was recently released to a great response! We're so excited to have Ferrara currently in production. We should hopefully have more updates for you very soon regarding release date!

Store orders

Yes we do! Swan HQ is located in Australia but we ship all over the world! Unfortunately though, that does mean that shipping costs can be high if you are ordering a fair amount and living far away - just keep that in mind. Prices are all in AUD so the shipping cost may be less when you convert it to your currency.
All books ordered through our website come already signed by Tee!
Our clothing merchandise is ordered in lots. On the product page of each item we indicate when each preorder will close. After this date, we then send the orders off to our printers. This process can take a couple of weeks. As soon as we have the clothing, we then send them on to you! Just keep in mind, we are located in Australia so the shipping times can be slower if you are overseas.

We send tracking with every order so you will be updated when it is on its way.
We usually place clothing orders 'on hold' until they have been made and are in our hands. We will then change them to 'processing' and when packed, they will be marked as 'completed'.

If your item has been put on hold and it is not a clothing item, this is usually because Tee has released a new book and we are waiting for the books to arrive in the office and be signed before sending them on to you.
Australia Post has informed us that any items/packaging that have been damaged, need to be assessed at your local post office. They will be able to determine the next steps. Please ensure you do this if your item/s arrives damaged and then contact us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com with any further questions or concerns.

Unfortunately, once our items have left Swan HQ, we cannot guarantee how they will be treated during transit. If your item is only slightly damaged, please assess whether it's worth the costs involved to replace it. We have taken steps to ensure that our packaging is done with the utmost care and hope that every book arrives to you as it left the office.

Please see below Australia Post's response in regards to damages and compensation:

"Please have your customer take the parcel and packaging to the post office for an assessment.

While we do understand that utmost care has been taken in packing this order, we do not offer a fragile service. Our facilities process packages from as small as 200g all the way up to heavy 22kg parcels through the same conveyor-based sorting machinery, which do travel through a series of conveyers and chutes.

In most cases, the process for damaged items would normally see a damage notification come through from our delivery facility.

To allow us to investigate a damaged item, the article and any packaging must be presented at an Australia Post (or your international postal service) outlet as soon as possible for inspection. A green Customer Service Complaint Form (PM26) will be completed, and the Postal Manager will assess the article, making any recommendations for consideration of compensation. We will need to keep both the packaging and the contents of your parcel at the post office for the duration of the investigation. Please note that our LPO outlets are unable to complete the damage form.

The above process is also outlined on our website via the below link under the section of 'Making a Claim for Compensation'


Kindly ask the addressee to take the article into a Post Shop that is convenient to them so we can begin the investigation process as soon as possible. As this item has been delivered to your customer and is now the property of the addressee, should the parcel be deemed adequately packaged the addressee is the entitled party to make a claim for compensation."
Don't fret!

Email us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com and we can fix up your order. If we haven't sent the order yet, we can swap over the items. If we have sent the items already, we can organise an exchange with you.
Email us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com and we will organise a refund for you if the item hasn't been sent yet.

If the item has already been sent, we will need you to return it to us at your cost and we will issue a refund when we've received the return.
Unfortunately, we have no control of this on our end. Contact Amazon and they should be able to fix up the issue. They're usually pretty good with getting it sorted!
You can. If you order the two together and the clothing is on backorder, you will need to wait until the latest clothing preorder is done to receive the entirety of your order. We are currently looking into an order splitting solution to be able to send these items separately without adding extra postage costs.
For now, if you need your books or bookmarks ASAP, we recommend making two separate orders so that we can fulfil what we have in stock immediately and send the clothing out after it has been ordered and made.

Signings Pre-Orders

Head to the events tab on the menu and down to pre-orders to find the dedicated pre-order page for each signing. Simply add your products as you would on a normal shopping web page.
Pre-orders can be paid upfront, via Pay Pal's 'Pay In 4' or via Pay Later, where you can choose to settle your payment closer to the closing date.
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Unfortunately, no. We want to keep these hardcovers’ quality perfect and they are quite fragile. Travelling overseas and interstate to signings means we do not have control over how the books are handled. Our best and safest option at the moment to ensure the books are presented how they were intended to be, is via purchasing through the website (each copy comes signed!).
What a dream that would be! We are always open to hearing from anyone that would be interested in bringing the Miles brothers to life. At this stage, there are no concrete plans in place.
We have! Check out the amazing family tree that Alina put together HERE!
There's a whole list of discussion groups for each book HERE! To access these groups, you will need a Facebook account. Please be warned that there are spoilers posted on each individual books discussion page. For general T L Swan discussion, please join our Swan Squad VIP group!


All of my upcoming events and signings can be found on the Events page HERE.
All pre-order forms are listed in the drop-down menu under 'Events'. If your event is not listed, the pre-orders have either closed or are not yet open.
We've created a Facebook group just for this! It's dedicated to helping readers meet up with each other, plan what they are going to bring, discuss outfits, car pooling, arrival times etc. You can join the Facebook group HERE!
We have a new gallery that will be uploaded with an album for each event. Check back within the week after your event to see all the photos that were taken - including all the selfies! You can find the gallery HERE.
Bring along whatever books you would like signed! A lot of people end up taking suitcases and crates full of their books. Tee tries her very best to make sure absolutely every reader gets their books signed and a photo taken!


Firstly, please double-check your junk/spam mail. We also suggest doing a search of your entire inbox by searching the terms ' T L Swan' or 'Swan Squad'. If you can't find any emails, please try signing up again HERE! If you are still not receiving our emails, please contact lauren@tlswanauthor.com. She will look up your email in our records and check if there are any issues on our end.
We include a submission form in every newsletter where you can easily apply to be our next Reader Of The Month. If you missed it, you can find it HERE.

Marketing/PR Opportunities

Tee loves joining podcasts for a chat! Email us at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com with your podcast name, socials and when you had in mind and we'll get something organised!
Tee would love for everyone to have an opportunity to be an ARC reader! For each book release, we will be opening up a new application form for readers to apply. You will be able to find application forms under our extras tab on the menu bar. We currently have ARC applications open for The Bonus. To apply, click HERE.
If you are a book blogger/influencer on Tiktok/Instagram/your own blog etc. and want to collaborate, please contact Alina and Lauren at tlswanmanagement@gmail.com
For Miles Ever After's promo, the choice of readers to receive marketing material was purely random and a mix of Tiktokkers, Instagrammers, Facebook group members and past customers from the website. Going forward, we will be opening up a submission form for people to add their name, address and socials. We will be choosing randomly from our application list. Unfortunately, we cannot choose everyone! Though we do hope to change who receives these goodies each book release. As the marketing world goes, we do send out a certain amount of our promo packs to influencers and big book bloggers in order to spread the word about T L Swan's books as much as possible. We know this can feel unfair to our more private and smaller readers. We hope that this submission form will allow us to keep everyone happy whilst also ensuring we're doing our job as marketers! Keep an eye out on the website and our newsletter for when these submission forms will open.